If you have been struggling to get a full, clear image in your scope, especially from a sitting position, read this expert advice and enjoy seeing clearly now (with or without the rain...)

credit: Archant

Q: I find myself struggling to get a full, clear image in my scope, especially from a sitting position. What am I doing wrong?

Dom Holtam replies: Your optic has what’s known as an ‘eye box’. This space, determined by the size of the exit pupil and the scope’s eye relief, is where you get a full field of view through your scope. In other words, a big, clear edge-to-edge image with no shading or tunnelling. You want to mount your scope to ensure that when you shoulder your rifle your eye is naturally within the eye box. A scope with a large eye box will feel easy and comfortable to shoot with and you won’t have to move your head around seeking that perfect view.

The guys at Leupold recommend mounting your scope as follows: having set yourself up in a seated shooting position, use the highest magnification setting on your scope (because eye relief changes slightly as magnification increases and the exit pupil reduces, making the eye box narrower). Wear the thickest jumper/jacket combination you use to shoot with and then mount your scope as far forward as possible while still getting a full field of view. This will ensure that even the most challenging set of parameters places you inside the rear of the eye box and when you are wearing thinner clothes, using less magnification or shooting from a different position, you will have the maximum flexibility.