Expert advice on which bits of venison offal are the best to eat... from the deer’s liver to its heart, kidneys and tongue, don’t let it go to waste!

Q: What offal can you eat from venison? And what is the best?

Dom Holtam replies: You can eat the liver, the heart, the kidneys, the tongues… I’ve saved the tripes for people’s dogs but haven’t tackled one myself yet! I hear the true offal aficionados rave about it, though.

Andy Crow loves thinly sliced fallow heart, flash fried. I enjoy the liver, again sliced thinly and fried in butter until browned but still blushing inside. It is a fairly robust flavour, but my eight year old loved it when he tried it. Livers make good pates, too.

I’d love to hear from any readers out there who have some good offal recipes. And not just for deer.

Make sure your animal is healthy and the organs themselves are in good condition and are refrigerated soon after gralloching to keep them from spoiling. Take a look at James Simpson’s response about unhealthy livers over the page!

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