The perfect sock combination for winter hunting! Chris Parkin tests the Gateway1 Coolmax Liner Sock and Ultra-Knee-High sock in this review

This sock combination by Gateway1 is the ultimate comfort solution for the approaching cold winter. The liner sock is made from 65% Polyester Coolmax, 33% Polyamide and 2% Elastane and can be worn as a sock alone or layered for additional thermal insulation and aids moisture-wicking from the foot. These socks are incredibly comfortable with little bulk, a stretch fit, and flat seams to ensure no lumpy discomfort when worn either on their own or tallied with a heavier outer layer.

The ultra-knee-high sock (also available in calf-length) is the perfect layer under lighter trousers to keep your lower legs warm in the autumn without too much bulk. These socks give a versatile fit with stretch around the calf, coming up to just below the knee joint. Made from a high percentage of merino wool (70% merino wool, 27% nylon and 3% Lycra), they offer superb insulation and comfort without getting sweaty – wool wicks moisture like no other material for me.

The sole is reinforced for long-term durability, and after a month of use, I’m very happy to rely on these in leather stalking boots (or wellies when it gets really cold), with no wear or bobbling seen so far. Available in olive and dark brown with sizes ranging from S to XL.

RRP: Coolmax Liner £11.99; Ultra Knee-High £26.99


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