Watch episode 1 of our new foxing series with Mark Ripley (260RIPS)... Mark is after a fox he spotted prowling near the lambs

credit: Archant


Thermal and Night Vision - Pulsar Accolades and Sightmark Wraith digital NV Scope - Scott Country

Clothing and accessories - Ridgeline Grizzly III jacket, Evade Rucksack and Stealth Pants - Highland Outdoors

Rifle and bipod - Remington 700 in .243 with FORM Riflestock and Spartan Javelin Pro Hunt Tac bipod - Raytrade UK

Welcome to the first episode of our new fox shooting series on Shooting & Country TV!

Foxing with Mark Ripley (aka 260RIPS) is a monthly series based around fox control with thermal imaging and night vision.

Mark controls foxes over vast swathes of land, and in this first episode he is out foxing with night vision and thermal in a bid to get rid of a problem fox he spotted prowling around prior to lambing season.

It’s a still night, making the job trickier, but this man’s isn’t known as a master foxer for nothing!