We have teamed up with HIKVision to offer you the chance to win the Vulkan 35mm 35mK smart thermal monocular, worth a whopping £1,849.99! Enter here!

Thermal imaging is changing the face of hunting and shooting as we know it. Everyone wants in on the action, but not everyone can afford the prices this incredible technology commands. HIK Vision’s goal is a simple one – to design and produce innovative thermal products at a price point that makes them accessible to all. We’re all for that philosophy!

Being thermal enthusiasts of the same mindset, we’ve teamed up with this forward-thinking, innovative brand to offer you the chance to WIN one of their stunningly sensitive thermal units - the Vulkan 35mm 35mK smart thermal monocular!


The most exciting thing about this unit (and indeed its smaller sibling, the Vulkan 15mm), is the NETD rating – an incredible 35mK! The NETD rating is a measure of the smallest temperature difference the unit can detect. The smaller that number, the more detailed the image will be. Up until now, the best available on the market has been 40mK, so HIKVision has managed to go 5mK better with the Vulkan for seriously impressive picture quality with fine detail to aid swift detection of your quarry.

The monocular can detect man-sized objects over a kilometre away and vehicles at over 3km, and provides 2.36x optical zoom and 4x digital zoom. The OLED display offers a 1024x768 display, and you have a colour palette choice of white hot, black hot, red hot, or fusion to suit your personal preference.

The whole thing is protected against dust ingress and temporary water submergence, so it’s not the end of the world if you manage to drop it in a puddle (though we really wouldn’t advise it!), and the Vulkan will operate at temperatures from –30C right up to 55C. In other words, avoid the arctic and the Sahara, but anywhere in-between shouldn’t cause you any issues.

The battery will run for five hours of continuous use, and the battery itself comes with two-year warranty, while the unit comes with three years’ warranty backed up by HIK Vision’s UK-based engineers.


The Vulkan is T-Vision App compatible, which allows you to take control of the unit from your smart phone and is great for sharing and streaming your view among friends. There is also a mighty 16Gb internal storage so you can store videos and stills on the unit while out and about.

The rather clever Hot Track functionality is also included with this monocular; when activated, this technology highlights the hottest spot detected in the current frame with a green cross hair, quickly drawing your attention to small heat sources that are easy to miss.

The technical features and in-field capability of the Vulkan units, combined with the warranty, smart App compatibility and that chart-topping sensitivity, makes them seriously tasty packages at very reasonable price points.

To view the full tech spec for the Vulkan, click here