Reinforced with Kevlar, these are seriously tough boots for tough routes

We cross many different terrains in our hunting lives; from boggy moors to steep rocky hills to dense forests, we will battle our way through whatever obstacle nature throws at us if the quarry is on the other side of it. If there’s one area of hunting attire that needs special consideration (and that is guaranteed to ruin your day if you get it wrong) it’s your footwear.

These 100-percent waterproof boots from trusted master bottiers Le Chameau are ideal for anyone crossing a variety of terrains, and come in Realtree Green camo pattern to help you blend into your surroundings.

The design is deliberately minimalistic – apart from one half-length Aquazip to the rear, the sides and fronts of the boots are entirely smooth, meaning you slip past challenging vegetation instead of snagging on it. They are reinforced with Kevlar to make them seriously tough, but the bottiers thought ahead and also created flexible ankles and toes to ensure comfort when covering longer distances, and reinforced the ankles to give lateral support.

A double-density rubber grip sole with reinforced shank provides great grip and protection over all ground, and they have a soft microfibre lining to avoid sweats and aid comfort. Slip on a pair of these and head out safe in the knowledge that nothing short of an apocalypse will stand between you and your quarry.

RRP: £150