In this video, professional deer manager Chris Rogers is out on the hunt for muntjac, and sharing fascinating facts about the diminutive deer

In the fourth episode of our new deer management series with Chris Rogers on Shooting & Country TV, Chris is out stalking muntjac - the beautiful diminutive deer that are as elusive as they are (unfortunately) damaging to their non-native UK habitats. 

We follow Chris around the stunning Euston Estate where he manages all the deer, picking up countless facts and information about muntjac - a fascinating little species that attracts special attention from foreign hunters in particular.

Discover what damage muntjac cause, where they came from in the first place, how their breeding cycle works, and why they are managed in the UK.

Kit bag
Rifle - Blaser R8 Ultimate Stock in .243 
Clothing - Harkila Mountain Hunter Hybrid jacket, Pro Hunter Lite trousers, Grove GTX boots & Pro Hunter gaiters
Optics - Leica Fortis 6 (2-12x50), Leica Geovid binos & Leica Calonox View thermal