Welcome to the fifth episode of our new fox shooting series on Shooting & Country TV! Foxing with Mark Ripley (aka 260RIPS) is a monthly series based around fox control using predominantly thermal imaging and night vision kit. 

The harvest is still in full swing in Mark's area, and with the harvest comes foxes! They know there will be an abundance of hunting opportunities as the cover previously used by smaller mammals is cut, making it the ideal time to get out and reduce some of the fox numbers.

This month, Mark is out on a thermal foxing mission on a huge swathe of land surrounded by pig farms and bird shoots, as well as testing out a new day scope and some new quick release mounts from Sportsmatch on the steel prior to heading out.


  • Thermal and Night Vision - Infiray Rico RH50 thermal scope and Helion 2 XP50 thermal spotter - Scott Country 
  • Clothing and accessories - Ridgeline Monsoon Smock, Evade Rucksack and Cap  - Ridgeline (Highland Outdoors
  • Rifle and bipod - Remington 700 in .243 with FORM Riflestock and Spartan Pro Tac bipod - Raytrade UK 
  • Daytime optics - Element Helix day scope - Element Optics 
  • Scope mounts - Sportsmatch Quick Release one-piece mount (medium weaver/picatinny rail 30mm) - Sportsmatch