In this video with Mark Ripley (260 RIPS) on Shooting & Country TV, we're showing you how to go foxing with one arm...!

Poor old Mark has a broken shoulder and, Sod's Law, it's his shooting shoulder. A call from the farmer to come and sort out a problem fox means he can't just rest up and take it easy for a few weeks, and so to solve the problem, he calls a friend (also Mark, hereafter referred to as Mark 2!) to act as trigger man.

With the fieldcraft and local knowledge coming from Mark 1, and the shooting being undertaken by Mark 2, they head out in search of the crafty Charlie that has been taking geese from the farmer. 

It's far from easy going - the permission is vast with near vertical banks to climb, it's absolutely freezing, and to top it of, Mark Ripley is still recovering from a bout of Covid! 

Find out if they nailed the problem fox in this episode of S&C TV.

Thermal and Night Vision: Scott Country - Pulsar Accolade 2 LRF Pro and InfiRay Tube TL35 thermal scope
Clothing and accessories: Highland Outdoors - Ridgeline Ascent Soft Shell jacket in DIRT Camo and Evade Rucksack
Rifle, stock and bipod: Raytrade UK - Remington 700 in .243 with FORM Riflestock and Spartan Pro Tac bipod
Daytime optics: Element Optics - Element Helix day scope
Scope mounts: Sportsmatch - Quick Release one-piece mount (medium weaver/picatinny rail 30mm)