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Red squirrel conservation

Mick is a squirrel ranger working to protect and conserve red squirrels, predominantly in his stomping ground of Cumbria. In this video, we shadow him for a morning to see how it's done.

Mick uses the ThermTec Cyclops 335 handheld thermal spotter to scan the dense forest from his hide, and spot the greys coming from far out... once he has confirmed it is not a red squirrel, he quickly and efficiently dispatches them with his air rifle.

It's always a pleasure to watch a master going about his work - and this is particularly vital work! Non-native grey squirrels must be controlled if we hope to have any native red squirrels left in the UK in the next 10 years. 

You can watch a more detailed video looking closely at red squirrel conservation here

Thermtec Cyclops 335 spotter (distributed by Optical Solutions)

Featuring a 1024x768 high-resolution, high-contrast OLED display, the ThermTec Cyclops 335 offers crisp, clear viewing that is comfortable for human eyes.

The 335 features built in Wifi for real-time image watching/sharing to smart phones and PCs, along with built-in GPS making field activites safer, and built-in rangefinding helping you to range the quarry once you have identified it. 

With 5+ colour palettes, photo and video recording, and an ergonomic design with joystick controls, the Cyclops 335 offers everything you need to spot your quarry before it spots you!