Emulate the Scandinavian hunting style with the Greenland shirt from Shooterking in thick, soft brushed cotton with smart suede detailing

credit: Archant

While the Tattersall shirt is the undisputed king of the British game shooting scene, the Scandinavians like the heavy checks of a plaid for their hunting attire and I’m a big fan of their smartly traditional hunting style.

This Greenland shirt from ShooterKing is available in either green or red and is made from a thick, soft brushed cotton that is nice to wear and insulates you well.

There are three chest pockets – two zippered and one with a pop-flap. Smart suede detailing on the cuffs, neck and elbows gives the shirt a touch of class, while the clever in-built fastener for rolling up the sleeves is functional.

Chunky pop-fasteners finish off the look and feel of a shirt that is as practical and durable as it is smart. An instant staple for any rifle shooter’s wardrobe,

credit: Archant