We paid a visit to Rifleman Firearm’s awesome new indoor rifle range in Somerset to check out the faciltities and discover the benefits of becoming a member

As rifle shooting continues to grow in popularity and diversity, new facilities are springing up all over. Whether you fancy clattering long-range steels or more traditional range shooting, there are places to go to train and have fun.

Holland & Holland recently opened the UK's first shooting cinema as part of a multi-million pound redevelopment and now, Rifleman Firearms in Langport, Somerset has just opened the doors to an impressive new indoor facility.

Construction began back in the summer of 2018 and, according to boss Mark Tutton, the weather gods are obviously keen on shooting because the sun blazed down while all the heavy plant did its stuff.

The range is enclosed within a 100m concrete 'cocoon'. You enter a reception area where you can book in and await your session and peruse an array of products. There is an armoury for gun and ammunition storage on site too.

From there, you enter the fun part! There are five firing points that can accommodate prone, bench and standing positions. The firing positions are also heated for year-round comfort. There is ambient lighting the full 100m length, as well as specific target lighting.

The shooter has the ability to select distance, lighting options and even complex sequences of movement via an intuitive touch screen, allowing endless variety and challenging practice scenarios - or just some good old-fashioned shooting fun.

The technical bits come from US firm Meggitt, a world leader in both simulated and live fire training systems. Targets are mounted to and controlled by ceiling-mounted rails.Ventilation is to full MOD specification with a 'push-pull' twin fan system ensuring positive air pressure, taking all fumes downrange to be filtered and expelled at the far end.

As Mark explains, the range has been thoroughly shaken down ahead of opening. "All testing has been completed and the countdown has started - the doors are now officially open. We're delighted to report that testing was a complete success. We had all lanes live with sustained firing over several hours using various calibres from 6.5x47 to .308s and two lanes using .300 Win Mags; the lighting, heating, target and ventilation systems all performed with honours and without exception."

So who can use it? Well, Mark's stated aim was to ensure that it gets used as much as possible. Of course, police and military clients will be catered for, but the core focus will be shooters like us.

There is an official Rifleman Firearms Target Shooting Club, which will offer member benefits and discounts - but you can also turn up with your own rifle and FAC and shoot from just £25 per hour. Even if you don't have an FAC or a rifle, you can still enjoy the facility - a one-hour, one-on-one supervised session with a supplied .22 LR rifle and 150 rounds of ammo costs just £35. See the full pricing menu for more information.

Rifleman are showing just what a modern shooting business can look like, with an impressive retail facility mated to an extensive training business, a brilliant air rifle range and now this covered full-bore range. For our sport to grow and thrive, we need businesses that are committed to its long term success and prepared to invest in infrastructure. Let's hope that as shooters we can make the most of the opportunity.

For more information, visit www.riflemanfirearms.com or call 01458 253700


Monday to Friday - 10am to 5pm

Wednesday Late Night Shooting - 5pm to 8pm

Tuesday and Thursday Late Night to be added

Saturday - 10am to 4pm

Sunday - 10am to 2pm

01458 253700


* Non-Member With No Rifle or FAC

If you are not a member of our home office approved club and you have no Rifle or FAC

£35.00 for 1 hour, includes a .22lr bolt action rifle and 150 rounds of ammunition, 1 on 1 range supervision is also included.

* Non-Member With Rifle, Ammunition & FAC

If you are not a member of our home office approved club but you have your own rifle, ammunition and FAC

£25.00 for 1 Hour

£45.00 for 2 Hours

£60.00 for 3 Hours

* Non FAC Holders lane hire during probation

You will be required to complete a probation from 3 months up to 6, during your probation period you will need to come a minimum of twice a month

£25.00 for 1 hour with own rifle and ammo

£45.00 for 2 hours

£60.00 for 3 hours

* FAC Holders bringing own rifles and ammunition during probationary period

If you are an FAC holder and you're bringing your own rifles and ammunition during your probation period

£10.00 per hour

* One off police background check fee

You will be required to pay a one off fee, this is a legal requirement


* Annual Membership

Annual membership is £299.00 or £28.00 per month by direct debit. The direct debit option is to follow shortly.

Membership lane hire is £4.00 per hour.

Upon successful completion of the probationary period and approval from the committee, you will recieve a full membership and a 'Safe Handling Card'.