When is the May issue of Rifle Shooter magazine on sale? Find out when to expect it, what’s inside and where to buy it!

credit: Archant

The May issue of Rifle Shooter magazine goes on sale April 21st.

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Liemke thermal spotter

A handy little thermal spotter with laser range finding. This is the larger sensor version of the unit featured in last month’s thermal head-to-head. Just an update as this unit was covered in depth at prototype stage... ideal for stalkers who want a quality thermal in their pocket.

Pulsar F455

A front mounted IR (night vision) add-on that clips in front of a day scope. Very handy for anyone who has multiple guns and wants to do a bit of night shooting. A very nice piece of relatively affordable kit.


This is the first of a two-part review spread over successive months. Contributor Broadsword is a big fan of this software for calculating ballistics etc.

Southern sika

A stalking story to get stuck into!

Marc Zabroski, artisan knife maker

A profile piece on a custom knife maker. An interesting story of a guy building a business in the fieldsports world.

.308 subsonics

A guide to developing subsonic home loads. A cool and unique area of reloading.

Deer hounds/dogs

A piece about picking the perfect deer dog.

Main gun review

Ruger .338 Laputa. A massive calibre Ruger! And a nice bit of gun porn...

The mountain Project

A (very) complete guide to mountain hunting in the UK.

Mini gun review

Schmeisser BA15-22. A .22 rimfire distributed by Edgar Brothers. All very ‘tacticool’ and modern looking, it should be popular.

Plus! All the usual stuff. Vintage guns, Sport Abroad, Highland Diary, Stalker’s Diary and foxing with Mark Ripley.