Paul Austin tests the monster that is the Wicked Lights ShotPro torch; ideal for lamping or as an IR add-on with massive reach!

credit: Archant

The ShotPro is not a torch for the faint-hearted. It’s an absolute monster but surprisingly not as heavy as it looks.  Don’t get me wrong, it’s certainly no lightweight at 1.15lb with battery installed, but considering it’s about 9.5" long from stem to stern and over 3" across at the business end, it’s still very portable considering its size.

As is always the case with Wicked Lights, it ships with all the accessories you could ask for in a large, quality padded case, including a dimmable rat’s tail if you like to have on/off and power control available on the forend.

There are three elements that account for the size of the beast: a 3" lens, the whooping 21700 battery, and last but not least the biggest LED pill with accompanying heat sync I’ve ever seen on a hunting torch. As you can see from the pics, it’s massive!

What do you get for all this bulk? In short, reach... maybe 500m atop a Digex C50 when running the IR pill. I also had the red pill on test, which happily reached out across the valley some 300m to the sheep browsing happily on the hillside. So, it’s a great long-range lamping option if that’s something you require.

Build quality is very good, as you’d expect for the asking price, and there’s a lifetime limited warranty to back that up. There’s a combined push-button on/off and dimmer switch at the rear and flood-to-spot is adjusted by twisting the rear portion of the handle, at which point you’ll hear and indeed feel the lens mechanism move back and forth.

The new Gen 4 mount also ships with the torch and you’ll need it to mount this monster. It has dials for both elevation and windage to get that all-important beam in the right place.

There’s absolutely nothing subtle about the Pro Shot; it’s heavy duty across the board and not ashamed of it. Beam clarity is excellent and the only thing that’s missing is a small LED indicator on the tail cap. It’s a minor complaint, but when running an IR pill it’s always nice to have some indication that the torch is off without having to look through your scope.

That aside, it’s hard not to love the ShotPro. It’s big and absolutely brutal in terms of power, and puts a smile on your face every time you fire it up, zoom in to spot, and see just how far this monster can illuminate. Overkill it may be, but you certainly can’t argue with the performance.

credit: Archant

Tech specs
1 x ShotPro Full Intensity Control Light with Interchangeable Ultra-Max LED
Includes 1 Ultra-Max 850nm Infrared LED
2 x 21700 Li-Ion Rechargeable Batteries
1 x 21700 2-Position Charger with A/C & DC charge adapter
1 x Gen 4 Quick Detach Adjustable Light Mount
1 x Scope Mount with Picatinny Rail - Fits 1” and 30mm Scope Tubes
1 x Intensity Controlled Standard Rheostat Tail Cap
1 x Intensity Controlled Coiled Cord Rheostat Tail Cap
1 x Rubber Halo Shield
1 x 18650 Battery Adaptor Sleeve
1 x Premium Storage and Carry Case
Limited Lifetime Warranty
Product: Wicked lights ShotPro torch

Supplier: Scott Country International
Price: £279.99

credit: Archant