Paul Austin reviews the Triggercam 2.1 scope camera, and declares it the best solution so far for recording video and stills of your rifle shooting escapades!

credit: Archant

Over the years I’ve tried all manner of phone and camera clamps to capture video and still images from scopes to illustrate articles or enhance videos. Invariably the results have been iffy at best, or simply too cumbersome or unreliable to deploy in the field.

There are a few dedicated scope cam solutions out there but the Triggercam is the best I’ve seen. A high-quality build, a great image and a compact design combine with excellent ease of use to make it a very handy film making or indeed training tool.

It’s something of a niche product admittedly, but if you want a scope-cam solution you can take anywhere and perhaps even leave on your scope permanently, it’s ideal. The tech specs are impressive, with a wide variety of video modes as well as stills recording.

Setup is pretty straightforward, with a number of collars supplied. You simply select the appropriate insert, slide the Triggercam onto the ocular and nip it down with the supplied tool. You lose 40mm of eye relief once installed, but on a .243 or below you should be fine. For bigger calibres just be careful, firmly shoulder the rifle and check your eye relief before firing.

Up top there are a couple of small compartments. The larger of the two handles charging, provides a home for the SD card and an outlet for the micro-HDMI feed. Behind that sits the similarly protected focus adjustment. 

credit: Archant

To set up the Triggercam you need to link your smartphone or tablet to the Triggercam’s wi-fi and then fine-tune the settings from there, especially the reticle focus. Once linked, you adjust the focus with the wheel, which streams the image direct to the app. It’s basically set and forget.

Once installed, focused and aligned you’re done. You can hit the power button and start recording manually, or alternatively open up the app and initiate recording or streaming from there, as well as adjusting all the other camera settings and functions as required.

It’s all very straightforward and well thought out, but best of all it offers a simple and reliable solution to an irritating problem that doesn’t get in the way when you’re shooting. It’s a brilliant training aid for new shooters, as well as offering a easy method of recording your own performance in a comp or adventures in the field.

For live steaming, one of the standard 1080p modes is best, as they’re lag free over the wi-fi connection. The 4K mode is sluggish as a live feed but it’s fine when recording direct to the SD card and subsequently ported to a desktop PC for editing. All in all it’s an impressive, if slightly pricey, solution to a very tricky problem. Highly recommended.

credit: Archant

What’s in the box?
1 x C-type USB Cable
32GB micro SD card
1 x Quick start guide

Tech specs
SD Card up to 128G, Class U3 or Above.
Wi-Fi: Integrated Wi-Fi with live streaming function and instant downloading of videos
Quick record: Switches on power and record function for instant recording
Video stabilisation: Video stabilisation assists in optimal quality videos, minimising recoil effects. Function can be switched On/Off
Waterproof: IP64 rating
Battery: 2.5 hours recording time, and 10 hours standby
Audio recording: can be switch on and off via  the App.
Mx resolution:4K 30fps
1080P 120fps/60fps/30fps
720P 240fps/120fps
USB: C-type
HDMI: Micro HDMI for TV output
Video output: PAL/NTSC
Recording Timing Alarm: Off/3min/5min/10min

Supplier: Highland Outdoors
Price: £549.99