Pulsar has launched its latest 4.0 Firmware, enhancing performance of the XP thermal imaging models; how it will affect the Thermion, Helion, Trail and Lexion series?

Pulsar has launched its latest 4.0 Firmware, which enhances the performance of all XP thermal imaging models - Thermion, Helion, Trail, Accolade and Lexion series.

The updated 4.0 Firmware features significant performance-enhancing changes such as:

* Image detail boost

* A fourth customisable observation mode

* New reticles (Thermion)

* Increased brightness range for icons

In addition to these, there have been some minor bug fixes.

Image Detail Boost

This new function increases the contour sharpness of the heated object for better image clarity and sharpness, allowing the user to identify objects even more confidently. This option is featured as an automatic setting but can be switched off in the main menu. This setting is best suited for use in high-temperature difference conditions.

User Mode

The current Rocks, Forest and Identification modes offer the most suitable settings depending on conditions. Now, as a direct result of feedback from Pulsar customers, there is a fourth option, the User Mode.

This new observation mode allows the user to select and save their personal preferences based on pre-existing observation modes, contrast and brightness settings. The three settings can be adjusted to suit the conditions and once these have been saved, the settings will be set to default, even after switching between other observation modes or after turning the device off.

The user mode can be modified through a selection of easy settings, which can be found in the quick menu.

This new mode will be most useful to advanced users who wish to have more control over the set-up of their device.

New Colour Options for Reticles

For all Thermion XP Riflescopes, there are new colour options available for reticles that have been added to the existing selection, including a black reticle with a white dot and a white reticle with a black dot.

Icon Brightness Settings

The range of icon brightness settings has been increased enabling users to dim down the icon brightness more and increases it further for daylight viewing.

This will help to improve comfortable viewing in darker and lighter conditions.

As mentioned, this firmware 4.0 is only available for the XP series products:

- Accolade XP and Accolade LRF XP

- Helion XP

- Trail XP and Trail LRF XP

- Thermion XP

- Lexion XP

To find out more information about the latest Firmware 4.0 updates, follow this link