The new Leica Calonox thermal range has arrived at Scott Country International! Check out these two thermal beauties...

credit: Archant

Calonox View - Hand held 12 micron thermal imaging with a staggering detection range of up to 3000m.

For hunters looking to spot and identify game safely from afar with high-level accuracy, the Leica Calonox View thermal imaging camera is an indispensable hunting companion that offers superlative image quality – by day or night and under the most challenging conditions.

The :eica Calonox View hand held thermal imager is designer for wildlife observation and for hunters looking to spot and identify wildlife from afar with high levels of detail allowing identificiation of species types at extreme distances, using a 640x512 12-micron thermal sensor to deliver outstanding levels of detail and a man sized detection range out to 3,000m.

The outstanding recognition range of the Leica Calonox View thermal imager is based on a high end vanadium oxide sensor with a 12-micron 640x512 resolution with an HD display.

credit: Archant

Impressive Detail recognition at a long range - Acquire, Recognize and Identify.

Calonox Sight - Hand held thermal that quickly attaches to a day scope, converting it to thermal. Clear identification on riflescope to 350m.

When it comes to safely spoting and shooting game in the dead of night, the combined thermal camera and thermal imaging clip-on Leica Calonox Sight is the modern hunter’s first choice, providing enhanced thermal capability, providing precise identification up to 350m.

The Calonox Sight combines a hand-held thermal imager with a thermal clip-on which is easily attached to your day scope, converting it into a thermal riflescope.

The new Leica Calonox is ideal for hand-held use or with a riflescope, and is therefore equipped with 1x magnification. Thanks to its one-piece construction, the Calonox Sight offers outstanding reliability and a consistently precise, repeatable point of impact.

Impressive detail recognition at a long range. Detect, recognize, identify.

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