Dom Holtam has been using and abusing the Le Chameau Lite LCX boots for months now... in this review, he reports on how they stood up to the pressures of lowland stalking in all weathers

These Le Chameau-Lite LCX Low boots are a seven-inch ankle boot, the shortest cut of the Lite range. They feature a full grain Terracare leather upper with deep brown contrasting smart, dark green 'suede' effect panels. The LCX lining is waterproof and breathable, helping to keep your feet dry and comfortable, whatever the conditions.

The Michelin sole takes inspiration from the company's motorcross tyres, giving flexibility, durability and the ability to shed debris from the treads. There is a bit of flex in the sole, too, giving nice foot 'feel' for stealthy stalking and with no nasty resonance on hard surfaces.

The overall weight is just 1,250g per pair. That is very, very light (I have other boots that are around twice that weight) - the only hunting boots I have ever used that are lighter, are the excellent Lowa Zephyrs and even then, there seems to be only a couple of ounces in it, and aesthetically, the Le Chameaus are a classier proposition altogether.

I have been wearing these for a few months now, from warm autumn, through the winter and into spring. I have really enjoyed how easy they are to put on and the 'barely there' feel they give thanks to their light weight.

I would still opt for a higher boot for hill hunting - typically a 10" (like the LCX) or even a 12" boot, like their big brother, the LCX High.

However, for lowland roe or munty stalking, for travelling, hiking, dog walking, playing out with the kids, going to shows and events, these have multi-tasked brilliantly.

And while I fully expected them to cope well with warm and dry conditions, they have really impressed me during icy, snowy and very wet weather earlier in the year. They have never let a drop of water sneak in so far - apart from over the top! And as you can see by the state they are currently in, they have not shirked their responsibilities.

Due to the tighter fit found in the Chameau-Lite range, the company recommends ordering a size larger than you would usually wear. However, I have worn these in my usual UK 10.5 and although I probably opt to wear a slightly thinner sock, they fit fine.

This Lite range does a great job of combining smart looks with all day comfort along with waterproofing and breathability. They aren't built tank-tough and rigid for climbing big mountains. They aren't super insulated for hours in the snow waiting for boar. But for the majority of UK conditions, they absolutely excel. And while it is still fairly early days, the durability seems to be decent too. I guess another few months of use and abuse will tell for sure!

These boots have an RRP of £249, making them £100 cheaper than the 12" model and £50 cheaper than the 10" boot. They are available from a range of stockists nationwide and, of course, via the Le Chameau website

RRP: £249.99