The NL Pure binoculars from leading optics brand, SWAROVSKI OPTIK, opens up a new dimension of wildlife watching with edge-to-edge clarity, ergonomic design, and unrivalled optical quality.

credit: Swarovski

A huge, revolutionary field-of-view combined with ground-breaking design in premium-class binoculars, the NL Pure from SWAROVSKI OPTIK takes your wildlife viewing to the next level. This is all thanks to a sophisticated optical system embedded in incredibly compact, precise mechanics.

The very finest materials and top-quality workmanship ensure that these binoculars will stand the test of time. The high standards that we apply to optical quality and design have led our experts to rethink the laws of physics. The results are revolutionary. The NL Pure offers an experience of unprecedented intensity.

The NL Pure accessories also have a focus on sustainability. The newly designed bag, cleaning set, and packaging are made exclusively from recycled fabrics and natural materials.

As soon as you look through the new NL Pure, the technical masterpiece that lies within reveals itself. Thanks to the huge, revolutionary field of view of SWAROVSKI OPTIK binoculars (up to 71°) and the barely perceptible edges, you are completely immersed in the image, making it the most natural form of observation.

credit: Swarovski

The incredibly compact optics are encased in a uniquely ergonomic housing, which ensures that the NL Pure fits perfectly into your hand. With an oval recess between the thumb and index finger, the shape of the binoculars conforms to your natural grip. The new forehead rest provides unbeatable comfort, particularly during prolonged use, and ensures steady viewing – even at 12x magnification. The forehead rest is available as an accessory.

Pin-sharp contours and a high-contrast display with optimum colour fidelity – SWAROVISION technology guarantees breath-taking images. It is easy to make out the tiniest details and distinguish the most subtle nuances of colour. This absolute colour fidelity and high transmission is achieved thanks to an innovative lens coating.

The NL Pure is available in 8x42, 10x42 & 12x42, can be ordered from selected authorised dealers.