I used to use paper targets or card, but now I do more centrefire shooting, I want more durable targets... any ideas? Dom Holtam replies

Q: In the past, I have just used paper targets or an old carboard box with a bullseye drawn on it. However, I do more centrefire shooting and want something more ‘interactive’ not to mention durable...

DOM HOLTAM replies: I have to admit that I don’t always find paper punching to be a lot of fun, which is where a reactive target can make life more interesting. These can be as flashy as an exploding Firebird, or as cheap and cheerful as a clay pigeon. However, for durability, a steel gong takes some beating and hearing that ‘CLANG!’ is very satisfying. But all steels are not created equal. If you are sticking with rimfires or small centrefires this might be less of an issue, but with heftier calibres you will need something built to stand up to the punishment.

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